3rd Annual Eggscape New Haven: Monday, April 17, 2017 at 8:00 AM

#EggscapeNewHaven is BACK. As is tradition, we will be hiding Easter eggs around town early Monday morning, the day after Easter (April 17). Check back here at exactly around 8:00 AM on the 17th for a map of the specific hiding areas we’ve chosen. All will be bikeable from our location.

The Game

Missives from the First Annual Eggscape New Haven (2015)

“Eggscape New Haven” is the third incarnation of Escape New Haven’s annual Easter egg hunt. Basically, we hide a gross of Easter eggs in a few places around town (usually parks and always open to the public). A handful of these eggs will contain little Escape-themed prizes, like buttons or openers; all of the eggs will contain candy and a printed letter. If you can collect enough letters to spell the word “ESCAPE,” and you tag us on Facebook or Instagram in a photo of your group holding those letters, with the hashtag “#eggscapenewhaven,” you win a golden ticket — one free game of any size for you and your team. There are only enough letters for two golden tickets, so winning one will probably require teamwork and a generous dose of luck.

The Locations

This year, eggs have been hidden in three locations:

1. East Rock Park (near top)

2. Amistad Park

3. Edgewood Skate Park (and adjacent trail)

Best of luck. Remember to tag us (@escapenewhaven) and use the hashtag #eggscapenewhaven when you post the photo of the letters you’ve collected, and make sure your Instagram isn’t set to private when you do it — otherwise we might not see you.

The game’s afoot!