About Us

You and your team have 60 minutes to escape the room by solving a series of puzzles. Our four games are all designed and built in-house, and staffed by Connecticut’s favorite Game Masters. Explore, adapt, work together, think creatively…and you just might escape!


What's it like?

Picture this:

You’re locked in an abandoned space station, along with 1-7 other people — old friends or new, it’s up to you. The countdown shows 60 minutes remaining. You look around the room: biometric sensors; a locked Bridge; pulsing red light. What does it all mean? You can only hope that by working together, solving puzzle after puzzle, your team will find a way out soon. The clock is ticking…

Who can play?


For safety and due to the abstract reasoning required, we cannot accept any guests under 10 years old. Players aged 10-14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult; and all minors (ages 10-17) must bring a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Because our games are active and many of the puzzles require dexterity and sensory acuity to solve, the activity may not be appropriate for persons with limited mobility or sensory perception. For details or special circumstances, please contact us — we will always do our best to accommodate.

How much are tickets?

Reasonably priced. Buy them here!

Our tickets are sold in advance: $26 per adult and $22 per child. (We also offer $22 student tickets for games Tuesday through Friday.) Private bookings of the full venue are available, too!.  Spots go fast, so if you and your friends / date / family / coworkers have a particular date in mind, we suggest that you grab some tickets as soon as possible. Gift vouchers are available here.

Are there different games to choose from?


You can explore an ancient Crypt (up to 4 players), solve the mystery of The Gallery (up to 6), press your luck in The Game Show (up to 8), or venture into a derelict Space Station (up to 8). For more on each game, check out our Games page.

Is it scary? What about safety?

Safety is our priority:

Our games may have some thrilling moments, but they are not inherently scary. They are also 100% safe: you will not actually be locked in, so you can leave any time you’d like, even if you’re just feeling uncomfortable or need to use the restroom. If you’re bringing friends and they don’t know what they’re getting themselves into, don’t worry — we’ll do our best to put them at ease. Our best-lit and “friendliest” game for beginners is The Gallery.

Can my team size exceed the listed capacity?

Yes, by special request only:

If your team will be booking all of the tickets in a given game, then we are often able to add a “+1” while still complying with fire/safety standards. Please contact us to inquire. However, keep in mind that our listed maximums are chosen very carefully, based on the number of puzzles and the amount of physical space available. With a “+1,” you may not achieve Maximum Fun™. To preserve the quality of everyone’s experience, we will never allow more than a single “+1” per game.

Do you sell gift cards?


We sell “generic” gift vouchers (good for any game) in quantities of 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8; or, if you already know which game you’d like to give as a gift, you can buy a “specific” gift voucher for any number of tickets up to that game’s maximum. All gift vouchers can be bought right here. They come with a voucher code, a redemption link, and customizable graphics & text, and can be printed or sent as an e-card.

What about parties? Team-building?

Yes, and yes!

We’ve hosted birthdays for ages 11 to 55, and been chosen for team-building by companies large and small — including Verizon, SeeClickFix, and The Home Depot, to name just a few. Our venue can accommodate private events of up to 27 players, or even more if you book your games back-to-back. See our Private Events page for details on group size and pricing.

Can I change or cancel my booking?


As with a show or concert, our games start at specific times and capacity is limited. However, we understand that schedule changes do happen. Refund/credit will depend on how far in advance you let us know that your plans have changed. Let us know by contacting us, either by phone or by e-mail. Here’s our policy for all ticket changes/cancellations:

  • >48 hours’ notice (>7 days for private events): Full booking credit toward a future game, or a full refund minus a 5% credit card processing fee
  • 24-48 hours’ notice (3-7 days for private events): Full booking credit toward a future game (no refund available)
  • <24 hours’ notice (<72 hours for private events): No refund or rebooking available

Where is your venue?

Our venue:

We’re at 103 Whitney Avenue, in New Haven, walking distance from some of the city’s favorite restaurants and easy to access from Interstate 91. Check out our Location Page for directions and parking info.

Why should I choose Escape New Haven?

Well… we’re the best*! But don’t take our word for it.

ENH by the numbers:

  • 50,000 satisfied escape artists…
  • 6,000 Facebook fans…
  • 600+ 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor…
  • Six marriage proposals hosted (they all said, “Yes!”)…

…and counting!

*Check out our video so we can tell you why!