On-Site Team Building

Is your group larger than 29 people? Now we offer a large group game that we can bring to you! Great for team-building, retreats, and parties! Use the form below to schedule your next event with us.

“Wreck Havoc” is our collaborative puzzle-solving game. Players need to decipher a lost ship’s final “distress signals” to discover the secret location of the wreck and recover its cargo for a reward. To win, teams need to negotiate, trade knowledge, and quickly adapt to new information if they are to succeed in this fast-paced game of teamwork and problem-solving.

SKILLS DEVELOPED: teamwork, negotiation, adaptability, decision-making.

DURATION: 2 hours

PLAYERS: 30 – 60 people  (We can scale up to 600 people! Ask us about running larger games below.)

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