“Wreck Havoc”: Team Building for Large Groups


“Wreck Havoc” is our collaborative mega-game for groups of 24-240 players. Players are sorted into smaller teams, representing the nations of the world. These teams will then vie to decipher a lost ship’s final transmissions in order to discover the location of the wreck and secure its cargo. To succeed in this fast-paced game of teamwork and problem-solving, teams need to negotiate, collaborate, share knowledge, make decisions in the face of uncertainty, and quickly adapt to new information.

“Wreck Havoc” is now fully virtual! Play at home with teammates from anywhere in the world. Click here to schedule a 15-minute demo.

Wreck Havoc: Global Catastrophe
    • SKILLS DEVELOPED: teamwork, negotiation, adaptability, decision-making, leadership
    • DURATION: 1hr 45min
    • PLAYERS: 24-240
    • COST: $38/pp (customizations available for an additional fee)

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