The Escape New Haven Team

We're a small team of energetic, creative people who like puzzles, games, and New Haven.

Escape New Haven | The Team

Tara Williams
General Manager

Tara was raised in San Clemente, California where she studied English literature. She began writing reviews and walkthroughs for virtual escape games in 2010 for an indie gaming company. In 2015, Tara joined the team at Escape New Haven, bringing her passion for games inspired by PC and mobile titles like The Room, the Cube Escape Series, and the Submachine series. It goes without saying that she’s very excited to be able to bring the fun of solving intricate puzzles to real life!

Escape New Haven | Team | David
David Ransbottom

David is a puzzle enthusiast as well as an avid game-player of all sorts. He has degrees in Music & Sound Recording, Theater, and Education, but truly finds a blend of his passions to alight at Escape New Haven. He is super pleased to be a game master, and hopes to bring you an incredible time at Escape!

Escape New Haven | Team | Angela
Angela Koeth

In the daytime, Angela works as the Development Coordinator for Long Wharf Theatre, where she is often paid in leftover cheese and wine from donor events. Originally from Buffalo, New York, she holds a degree in Arts Administration and Theatre. She discovered her love of the entertainment industry during her college program at Walt Disney World, where she worked at the Rock’n Roller Coaster and Fantasmic. Angela is excited to apply her love of horror movies, all things nerdy, and immersive theatrical experiences to set the scene for your escape.

Escape New Haven | Team | Unknown
Len Prue III

Len is a man of mystery. His bio has been "forthcoming" for almost a year and a half now.

Joe Wilson

A life long love of games and gaming brings Joe to the Escape New Haven team. Outside of Escape, Joe is an accomplished sci-fi and fantasy illustrator who creates art for various games, including the massively popular Hearthstone by Blizzard Entertainment.

Cole Whitmore

Cole is from San Antonio, Texas and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. She is excited to be part of the Escape New Haven Team, where her love of puzzles, mysteries, and gaming come together. Outside of work, Cole can be spotted camping, playing video games on the easiest difficulty setting, reading mystery novels with an irreverent lack of discernment for quality, and drinking tea.

Jeremy Medow

Jeremy has a degree in mathematics from Brown University, and after a bunch of years working a very corporate job set out for more creative pastures.  He began building lamps, furniture, and clocks in 2012.  He joined Escape New Haven to make full use of his knowledge of construction and electronics through building and maintaining games.  While not making things he enjoys cooking, running, and petting his dog.

Escape New Haven | Team | Ethan
Ethan Rodriguez-Torrent
Co-Founder and Chief Producer

Ethan grew up in Southbury, CT, moving to New Haven in 2008 to attend Yale University. Since then, he has studied in China, worked in Zambia, and bicycle-camped from coast to coast of the USA. As a kid, Ethan played through (and mostly failed to beat) Myst & Riven, the Crimson & Viridian Rooms, and Notpron. More recently, he has won and lost room escapes everywhere from Tennessee to Taiwan. He is also a big board game fan: Taboo, Trhyme, Scotland Yard, Catan, Coup, and Go are a few favorites.

Escape New Haven | Team | Max
Max Sutter
Co-Founder and Chief Engineer

Max studied mechanical engineering at Yale University, and spent the past 3 years designing biomedical devices that will save your life some day.  But Max doesn’t just want to save your life–he wants to make it more fun.  That’s why he now spends his days designing puzzles and challenges to confine, confound, confuse, and amuse you.  Drawing inspiration from games like Portal and Zelda and books like The Da Vinci Codeand Angels and Demons, Max hopes you have as much fun solving his puzzles as he does making them.

Escape New Haven | Team | Dylan
Dylan Connor
Primary Investor and Chief Supporter

Dylan studied Mathematics and Business at Emory University and now spends his days investigating white collar crime and other possible accounting mischief in the Disputes & Investigations practice at Navigant Consulting. A profound lover of all things games, Dylan’s first Escape the Room challenge with Ethan was an exhilarating, nail-biting experience. It was a beautiful tangible resemblance of video games Dylan holds so dear, like the Zero Escape series and the Professor Layton games. Dylan is elated to be a part of Ethan and Max’s collaboration and knows they will continually push the boundaries of the Room Escape genre and force us all to question how we think of problem-solving.