What We’re Doing To Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Our Staff:

Employees are screened for COVID symptoms at the beginning of each shift, and are required to stay home if they are exhibiting any signs of illness. We are firmly aligned with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) to ensure employees who are ill will receive compensation for staying home, and feel no pressure to return to work before they’re cleared by a medical professional.

Our operating practices include social distancing, and our employees will ALWAYS be wearing a mask when engaging with players or other staff members.



Our Venue: 

A strict cleaning and disinfecting schedule has been put in place to make sure surfaces in common areas and puzzle components are wiped down between each team.

We have restricted access to certain parts of the venue to ensure there’s less opportunities for COVID spread.

Markers have been placed in the venue to ensure social distancing between players and our employees is easily adhered to.




Our Players:

Players will have access to gloves, hand sanitizer, and hand washing (upon request).

In accordance with public safety guidelines, we require all players to wear masks while in our venue.

All of our games are now private, so players will only be in a room with people they know.

We encourage players who are feeling ill to stay home. We will gladly reschedule your game to a later date if you need to cancel any time before your booking.




The Escape New Haven team would like to thank everyone for their support during this time. We’re doing our best to keep our employees, visitors, and community safe as we stay on top of the ever-changing needs in the greater New Haven area. We hope everyone stays healthy, and we’d be glad to have you join us for a unique escape experience!





Day-to-Day Safety Practices


In case of a fire in any room, linked flame & smoke alarms will sound throughout the venue. We have four fire extinguishers in house, and they are recharged every year. (Thankfully, we’ve only had to use them once…)

Thanks to the generosity of the MVS Dragonheart Foundation, we have an AED on site and ready for use.

Finally, each of our magnetic door locks can be overridden with a single button push by players or staff, and we have installed a custom “god mic” that allows our staff to override all game sounds in order to make a venue-wide announcement in case of emergency.




During the hiring process, some of our key criteria are judgment and work experience. This is nobody’s first, second, or even third rodeo; our amazing team is responsible, mature, and boasts an impressive array of current & former occupations including bouncer, store manager, and health aide.

Every member of our staff is certified by the Red Cross in CPR, AED use, and First Aid. We had fun with it, of course, but ultimately the reason we made this investment is that we recognize and take seriously our responsibility to players at our venue in the case of an emergency.