We’re Hiring! Yes, Things Around Here Are Gonna Change…

The rumors are true. Your favorite hangout/team building/birthday/bachelor(ette) party joint is hiring for not one but two positions! We’re searching for a part-time Game Operator to run games in our venue, as well as a Game Design Team Lead to help create our awesome games! Ready to jump into the application? Click the button!

If hired, you’ll join a talented staff with a strong sense of camaraderie. Don’t worry, we’re not weirdly close or anything. It’s not like we meet precisely at midnight under every waxing gibbous moon to share a goblet of blue Gatorade mixed with mashed petunias while slowly reciting our favorite escape room-themed chants. Oh, no… Certainly nothing like that… Read on to hear about what roles we’re hiring for and why!

Are you charismatic and service-oriented? You might be interested in our part-time Game Operator position. Game Operators are the face of Escape New Haven. You will be responsible for ensuring that our guests have an exceptionally enjoyable and memorable experience from the moment they enter our venue until the moment they leave. While your main work will be game operation and customer service, you will also find regular opportunities to share and learn new skills (we regularly hold skill-share seminars — past seminars have included How Electricity and Technology Work, The Disney Approach to Guest Service, and How to Art), pick up extra shifts and responsibilities, make improvements to the venue, and contribute to new game designs.

Or, perhaps you’re an experienced leader with tech and carpentry proficiencies interested in the Game Design Team Lead role. The Game Design Team Lead (we’re working on a fun, abbreviated title for casual conversation) will be responsible for the design and fabrication of all of Escape New Haven’s new products: escape rooms, on-site team-building games, and anything else we might dream up. This is a creative, technical, and managerial role. You will be generating ideas alongside an experienced and creative part-time staff (including artists, engineers, and technicians), then turning those ideas into a full-fledged production experienced by thousands of guests. For each new project, you will spearhead the design, manage a team, and act as the primary fabricator and installer of puzzles and décor.

Much like a waxing gibbous moon, we’re entering a period of transition here at Escape New Haven. Our fearless and much-adored owner/founders, Max Sutter and Ethan Rodriguez-Torrent, are gearing up to pursue other goals and projects, both escape-room-adjacent and not. Unfortunately, Max and Ethan only appear superhuman and cannot actually maintain their (more-than-) full-time roles as our primary game designers/builders alongside their upcoming projects. Please fill the void in our hearts Hence, the opening of the game design position we’d love for you to fill!

We’re excited for what’s to come, and we hope you’ll be a part of it. It’s a pretty sweet gig, but somebody’s gotta do it.


See you in the applicant pool,

Cole and the Escape New Haven Team


P.S. Wanna hear a little bit about our game design? Check out our sweet video below!