Facing a global pandemic, the nations of the world have banded together to form a united front against COVID-19. In the spirit of unity, the nations’ leaders have turned to everyone’s favorite guerrilla artist, known only as “Janksy,” to design a Unity Flag to fly on every flagpole, along with a Unity Seal to be stamped on every parcel.

But we have reason to believe that Janksy (ever the practical jokester) embedded a secret code in her designs – and we think it might contain a clue that will help lead us to the hidden warehouse!

We only know this because yesterday, a letter from Janksy showed up at Unity HQ with the following message (slide to scroll):

Greetings, puzzle solvers of the world! If you think you can find the secret warehouse, you’ve got another think coming. You’ll need the Jikoug Ogmcymm to give you a clue -- and they’re not telling! Haha!


Here’s how we’ll try to decode the message:

First, discover the hidden numbers depicted on the unity flag. The unity seal will teach you how to find them.

Red =    _______

Yellow = ______

Blue =   _______

Then, use those numbers to “shift” each of the colored letters in Janksy’s message by the hidden number for that color.

For example, if Red = 2, then the message “Fcjjm” would decode to “Hello.” (“F” shifted by two results in “H,” etc.)

When you’ve decoded Janksy’s secret message, make sure to write it down! Once you’ve solved all of the puzzles on the Everyday Superheroes page, you can input all of the answers at once. If they’re all correct, you’ll have helped us find the secret warehouse of toilet paper! The world will thank you for saving. our. butts.

Notice how the Unity Flag and the Unity Seal are both made up of the three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. In areas where we see secondary colors (such as purple), can we figure out which primary colors needed to overlap to make those secondary colors?
Once we’ve figured out which primary colors make up each of the squares on the Unity Flag, we will start to realize that there are three overlapping digits hidden in the flag: one red, one yellow, and one blue. So a purple square, for example, belongs to both the red and the blue digits.
If we tackle one digit at a time – for example, first we focus on red – then we can mark all of the squares that were made using the primary color red (which includes red, purple, orange, and gray). Once we have marked all of those squares and found that they form a digit for each primary color, we can then use those digits to decode Janksy’s secret message!
This puzzle was adapted from our traveling team-building game, Wreck Havoc, a 90-minute challenge for groups of 30 or more. Originally developed for a Unilever management training, the game has since been played by several thousand people in the New Haven area, ranging from student groups to engineers. It includes elements of cooperation, competition, puzzle-solving, and decision-making based on incomplete information.