A New Haven Art Scavenger Hunt?

We may be closed for renovations, but we are still helping bring fun, games, and adventure to the New Haven community. . .with the City-Wide Open Studios scavenger hunt!

From October 20th-24th, you can get in on the action of “Find it! Friend it!”, a New Haven art scavenger hunt! Make a team, decrypt the clues, and win fabulous prizes (including free tickets to Escape New Haven)! You can check out the official website here [artsitesnewhaven.com/game].

And, while we’re talking about art, why not give you all an updated sneak peek of the gallery? Some context: we asked our staff to paint an Adam & Eve diptych. Instead, they painted a purple octopus and a golden willow tree in outer space. And, I believe you will agree, they made the right decision: