Newly Open: Tue & Wed 6pm! Plus: 1 new Space Station, 3 stellar top times!

Fellow Escape Artists,

The calendar is opening up! On January 5, we opened our second Space Station (Betelgeuse). It’s a carbon copy (more or less) of Space Station Andromeda, and games for the two space stations are scheduled simultaneously — which means that larger groups (up to 16 players) can book both space stations at the same time (assuming tickets are available), split the group into two teams, and “race to escape.” This opens up more options for large groups who want to play during our “open booking” hours (evenings and weekends) instead of making a private booking during the day.

More recently, we’ve also decided to offer one set of “open booking” games on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 6:00/6:30 PM. The new openings will begin on January 24. We’re honestly not sure how popular those days will be for escaping, but we’ve been getting regular inquiries about weekday evenings, so we finally took the plunge. This means that you no longer have to make a private booking of the entire venue in order to play on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening, so hopefully that will allow some more flexibility in scheduling outside of the ever-popular weekend slots.


In other news, we’ve had some amazing best-ever escape times in the past seven weeks.

  • “Trowel Trio” still holds the record for the Crypt, at 41:12. None of January’s teams has been able to break 50:00.
  • An amazing new record of 32:55 was recently set in the Gallery by “Trinity Downtown SG — completely blowing away the rest of January’s leaderboard, with the next closest competitor at 50:16.
  • “Nose Face :^) No Space” has set a new record of 39:48 in the Space Station, leaving a 10-minute gap between themselves and the rest of this month’s competition.

One last thing: A belated happy new year to you all! We apologize for having been mostly incommunicado since last month’s re-opening. Now that things have finally settled down, we’ll be getting back to our weekly or biweekly updates. So if you don’t want to miss next week’s anniversary party announcement… stay tuned!


Until next time,

– The Escape New Haven Team
(Max, Ethan, Tara, Adam, David, Angela, Len, Jhon, and Griffin)