For the Fans: What’s New at Escape New Haven?

What a week! Our re-opening was a terrific success!

Since we announced that tickets were back on sale, we’ve had a lot of questions from our hard-core superfans. So, for the curious, we’ve done our best to come up with a “% Different” statistic for each of our new games. It’s largely based on how many new puzzles we’ve created, with a small adjustment for special effects and décor.

  1. The Gallery: 45%. Based on our original “The Studio” (Feb-Jun 2014), this game has plenty of new puzzles and a completely different feel. Plus, we’re displaying (and selling) the work of local artist Hilary Opperman!
  2. The Space Station: 20%. We’ve crafted a more technologically ambitious version of the old Space Station, with a few exciting, space-age effects and a handful of new puzzles for good measure.
  3. The Crypt: 10%. The Crypt, as our newest game, has changed very little in a structural sense — just a couple of puzzles have been modified. It does have some pretty impressive new effects, though, so if someone invites you for a replay, don’t say no.
  4. The Lobby: 100%. With two bathrooms, bamboo screens, seating for 24, and a beautiful steampunk vibe, you’ll notice we’ve gotten a lot less “rock & roll.” We’ve also greatly expanded our selection of tavern puzzles — you could spend hours in here, if we let you.
A sneak peek at our new lobby.
A sneak peek at our new lobby.

Whether or not you’d like to re-visit one of our games, you can look forward to a new game in Spring 2017. We’re already discussing theming, but don’t expect us to reveal much before the launch party. All we can say for now is that it will be a very different type of challenge than any of the ones you’ve experienced so far.

Keep on puzzlin’,
— The Escape New Haven Team