Meet the Team: Tara, General Manager

A seasoned puzzle-smith and avid game enthusiast, Tara was first introduced to the escape game genre in its digital form while working as a writer for Jay Is Games, an indie gaming review blog. It was love at first combination lock. 

Since then, she’s put her lengthy experience solving riddles and deciphering codes into the creative process of making puzzles for visitors of Escape New Haven to enjoy! Tara was the first employee that co-founders Ethan and Max hired in 2015, and has witnessed the team grow from 3 to 9 employees! She has dedicated the last three years to leading and supporting the team of Operators at Escape New Haven and looking for new ways to enhance the escape experience.

Tara’s colleagues would say that her specialty is making people laugh — especially herself. She’s incredibly fun to be around, and has really cool toys like laser guns!

Her favorite game (aside from the escape games at ENH!) is World of Warcraft because it never ends, and, much like a real-life room escape game, the adventure is enhanced when it’s experienced with friends. She is also fond of The Cube Escape series, and the original Spyro trilogy.

When not at work, Tara enjoys playing PC games, learning languages and music, arts & crafts projects, and torturing her loved ones with cheesy puns. She also loves spending time with (and spoiling) her dog, Admiral Basil Rathbone.